Leave it to Gruber

Thursday, December 20, 2007 at 2:00 AM
I honestly don't travel that much - this year has been a rare exception for treading on so much foreign soil - but three weeks ago I was in New York with Mrs Food. We hadn't been to the U.S. for exactly five years (five years too long) so it was a four day whirlwind of soaking up as much Americana as I could to see me through the next half decade.

(Actually, given my Cloverfield fixation, it was a real temptation to put the trip back to the weekend of 18 January 2008. The movie's not opening over here in the UK til two weeks after the American release. I'm basically going to have to avoid the internet for a fortnight to avoid any spoilers. Unless I can find both the spare change and an excuse to pop back to the States for opening night.)

Fast Company cover December 2007Well, this post isn't to bore you with all the madcap drunken zaniness we got up to in NYC, but to tell how at JFK, waiting for the flight home, I picked up the latest copy of Fast Company magazine. As I sat at the gate waiting to board, it didn't take long to digest Adam Penenberg's lead article about how Apple is heading for a rough year. (Online version here.) To be honest, I know it sounds like a fanboy thing to say, but I was staggered what a stinking pile of B.S. the whole thing was. Riddled with generalisations and half-baked analysis, I couldn't believe such mediocre copy would get past any half-decent editor.

Having returned from my whistlestop pre-Christmas vay-kay, I've been caught up in work, finishing off several projects before the holiday season starts proper. But I really wanted to find the time to blog about the shitty little article and, to be honest, I was surprised that the peerless John Gruber at Daring Fireball hadn't mentioned the piece.

He has now.

With perhaps the finest title for a Fireball in a long while, too. As ever, Gruber's arguments cut through the crap with surgical precision to expose the sloppy journo as the thoughtless hack he clearly is. So naturally, I won't bother adding my ire to the fire. I couldn't honestly put it any better. Oh, en passant, there's also the funniest tmesis I've read in a while, in his fifth para regarding Toshiba.

Mr G, bravo.


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